Aahh stamping, this is where it all started for me. It was 30 years ago, I was living abroad when a friend showed me a card she had made with a simple but beautiful design on the front. I was amazed at the skillful and arty image and she explained it was made using a rubber stamp and ink which she had bought in the US. I was fascinated so did some research on the subject and discovered a small community of people who loved to create art this way. It was several years later when moving to Luxembourg I bought my first stamp and ink pad. Boy did I become hooked. I could not imagine that a few years down the line I would actually be designing my own stamps and assistant editing a UK stamping magazine.

Hopefully I can persuade you how easy it is to create amazing artwork and enjoy this satisfying hobby.

The Georgian house from my own stamp design

If you have bought the Card Stamping Kit then here is the tutorial which goes with it.

The rubber stamp has a special soft backing which helps it to statically cling to the acrylic block. This also helps to get the best image possible when stamping.

Place the stamp on the acrylic block.

Take an ink pad and tap it lightly all over the stamp. If you tilt your head you can see if you've missed any bits.


Take the inked stamp still on the block and place it carefully face down on the paper. Gently press and smooth the back of the block. Try not to move the block and stamp while you do this.


Lift the block to reveal the image. If you miss any of the design, simply take a waterproof marker to fill in the missing parts.

The ink pad which comes with the kit is water resistant so you can use almost any medium to colour the image. How about watercolour paint, pencils or waterbased marker pens. The image won't bleed. I don't recommend you use alcohol markers unless you use an ink pad which is specially made for use with alcohol pens.

The stamp can be cleaned with a baby wipe or soap and water and kept on the laminated backing.

Store your stamp out of direct sunlight or away from direct heat to enjoy using it for many years ahead.


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